February 17, 2010 /

Heather & Gerry take the PLUNGE at the Westin Grand Cayman

See a slide show of this wedding HERE!Johnson038Johnson040Johnson047Johnson068Johnson072Johnson077Johnson082


Amazing shots, nice work.
Are you still in touch with Heather and Gerry?
I might be interested in buying the trashed wedding dress as is.
Please feel free to contact me or pass my message to them. It’s for a good cause, this is a serious request
Thank you for your help.

Thanks Wendy! I will pass along your info to Heather. FYI – Depending on material, most wedding dresses are perfectly fine after a trashing in the sea. Just rinse out the saltwater with fresh water and dry clean.

What a wonderful day. David, we can’t thank you enough for the absolutely beautiful photos and how you captured every moment. Heather and i are so happy that we found you, and that you were available for this occasion. We just had our family over to see the photos you took, and i can tell you, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. All I can say is, thank you for everything!

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