February 3, 2010 /

Castles of Scotland - Book Project

I am currently seeking an investor to back a book project called “Castles of Scotland”.  When I travelled around Scotland several years ago I made an effort to find a good coffee table book on the castles in that beautiful country and was dismayed to discover that there wasn’t really a book out there of the quality that you would expect.  So, I’m seeking some savvy individual (or group) to send me and my wife (also a photographer) over to Scotland for a couple of months in summer (and perhaps another month in winter) to work on this project, the idea being to share the profits in the end.  To make it extra appealing as a project, both from a vacation standpoint and as an investment, I would split the time with my other Scotland book project, “Golfing Scotland”.  Sounds pretty good huh?  Any takers?  The proposed book cover below shows a breathtaking view of Eilean Donan Castle built in the mid 13th century.

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