June 7, 2009 /

Win a FREE WEDDING in the CAYMAN ISLANDS! What? Really?

Vicki and Tony actually DID win a free, all expense paid wedding in Grand Cayman this week, complete with honeymoon at the romantic Southern Cross Club in Little Cayman! They are enjoying their honeymoon right now!  Sponsored in part by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, the prize included airfare and accommodations for the wedding couple and their families and friends!  The couple enjoyed a unique beach wedding at the Caribbean Club and catered meal on their private veranda overlooking Seven Mile Beach.  The magical decor was created by Celebrations.  Even the wedding dress, designed by Ben de Lisi specifically for this Cayman Islands wedding, was a gift to the bride!

The couple’s story in the words of the Bride..

“Tony & I have been together just over 3yrs, we met in work, in fact we used to sit next to eachother for a while! We work for an insurance company and got put on the same team, our sitting next to eachother coincided with us just recently splitting from our partners.  We had our 1st date on April 1st 2006 and have been together ever since. Tony proposed on Valentines Day last year, it was a fantastic surprise.  I had the most perfect night up to the proposal as we stayed at a new hotel in Liverpool called The Hard days Night Hotel, it’s a fabulous hotel based on the Beatles, and then we had a lovely romantic meal in great restuarant / bar called the Newz Bar.  It was at the meal that Tony proposed with a Haribo jelly ring!!  I couldn’t have wished for anything better.

In terms of the contest… it was a competition in You & Your Wedding Magazine. A friend of mine was planning her wedding at the time and told me about the competion as Tony & I had just got engaged. You had to send an email stating why you would love to get married on the Cayman Islands and win a Ben De Lisi designer wedding dress, so I sent an email similar to the comments made above along with a few pictures taken of Tony & I at our engagement party.

A few months later I received a call informing us that we were one of 3 couples who had made the final in London. We went to London and met Ben De Lisi, Ladies from the magazine/ DOT and Cayman Island Tourism….after having an informal chat with them, we went to a wedding show and all had lunch, it was after lunch that the panel made up there mind and informed us that we had won!!!!!

It has been an amazin experience from start to finish.”

– Vicki White

Click this link to see more photos and listen to a pretty good song. Doo Da Doo.

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