April 30, 2010 /

What a great place to go! For anything really.

We photograph a lot of weddings at the Grand Old House and its one of our favorite places to eat dinner or just hang out.  A friendly staff, ready to serve you with a smile, is a guarantee. But my favorite thing about this photo is the two full bottles of Jack Daniel’s in the background.  I’ll bet there are more around there somewhere too!Giovanni, Marco, Jakub and Costudio


David, you are an amazing photographer! You really were SO much fun to work with! I’m dying to see pictures from our April 30th wedding at the Grand Old House! I know you captured some very important moments that I can’t wait to relive! Thank you again and again! 🙂

Hi Sarah! You and Ben were lots of fun and the photos are great! I posted one photo and a little movie on the Grand Old House Blog. Check it out!

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