October 22, 2009 /

Westin Weddings - Cayman Islands

One of the brides I’m working with is trying to decide on a venue and wanted to see more from the Westin Casuarina Beach Resort on Grand Cayman Island. At The Westin they actually have three different beach areas that work perfectly for weddings. The Westin staff, while extremely helpful, are completely unobtrusive allowing more creative freedom for photos. Because the Westin is laid out around the pool, its never a long walk from place to place on the property. Usually The Westin hosts beach weddings on the North end of the property in front of The Governor’s Ball room adjacent to the Governor’s residence on Seven Mile Beach or at the South end in front of their delicious Restaurants. This Westin wedding, however, took place right in the middle of the beach. The bridge across the pool becomes the aisle and the reception takes place poolside. Perfect!

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