April 27, 2009 /

Space Shuttle STS-125 Here We Come!

Last year I photographed a wedding for two very fun people who work for NASA. It turns out the groom, Greg Johnson, is the pilot for the next space shuttle mission! He and he wife, Nanette, were kind enough to invite me and my family up to the Kennedy Space Center to witness the launch up close. That’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we couldn’t pass up. So, fingers crossed, we will see something like the attached NASA photo next month! The launch is scheduled for May 11 at 2:01p. The 11 day mission will be the final servicing of the Hubble Space Telescope before the shuttle fleet retires in 2010. Check out this note!

Hi David,

Your viewing location has been upgraded. You will now be sitting in the VIP viewing area and will have extra events associated with your new location. The old tickets you have that you ordered are no longer valid, but please bring them to Florida in case I need to get them back from you when you check in at Guest Ops. Also, please read the attachment that contains your new launch instructions and invitation. Thank you.

Brooke Heathman
REDE/Critique JV
Astronaut Office, CB
B 4S/R 6213

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