January 27, 2012 /

National Gallery of the Cayman Islands - A Dream Realized

Thanks to those pictured here, that dream is now a reality.

The Board and principle donors and supporters of the Cayman National Gallery on the steps of its impressive new home.
Helen Harquail - The evening's guest of honor - long time patron of the arts in the Cayman Islands - in 1997 donated the 4 acres of land and substantial funds for the purpose of building a permanent home for the National Gallery along with an additional 8 acres to form a cultural village on which the Harquail Theatre currently sits. Helen received a well deserved standing ovation from those in attendance.
Principle Donor and National Gallery Board Member, Susan Olde
Julia Hedges with Ariane Dart (National Gallery board member and patron). Ariane also represents The Dart Foundation who are principle project donors.
Bendel Hydes - Cayman born, New York based and internationally recognized, Bendel Hydes is Cayman's premier artist. His latest works form the first major exhibition in the Gallery's new space. Pictured here with Jackie Doak ( COO Dart Enterprises), Nancy Barnard (past director of The National Gallery), and Gallery supporters Lisa Robertson and Tracy Swartz.
John Doak (National Gallery Building Committee member) and wife Jackie.
Founding Chairwoman and patron, Carol Owen with her husband, John Owen, Past Governor of the Cayman Islands
The current Management Board of The National Gallery sans Henry Harford, Chairman.
National Gallery Director, Natalie Urquhart with Leslie Bigelman (Founding Director) and Nancy Barnard (Immediate Past Director)
David Byrne (Walkers - project donors) and Director Natalie
Project Donors, Frazier Lindsay and Peter Small of PWC with Director Natalie Urquhart
Kim Tibbetts and Cheryl Moore of Maples (project donors)
Natalie Urquhart with Connor O'Dea and Sheree Ebanks of Butterfield (project donors)
Director Urquhart with H.E. Governor Duncan Taylor.
Sophie Ebanks and Tanya Campbell of Deutsche Bank- project donors
National Gallery Supporters Patrick and Theresa Broderick.
Andreas Ugland (National Gallery Board member and past chairman) and wife Natalie, capital project donors, with a sculpture by Housai Knecht.
The new gallery has ample parking and grounds designed for multi function use.
Lynn Smith-Moore, Melissa Wolfe (my lovely wife), Jackie Hansen and Vivian Bould
Mary Brandes, Polly Tibbetts and Director Urquhart.


Great photo, David.

Thanks Sheree. It helps when everyone is trying to achieve the same goal. Many thanks to you all for all your hard work!

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