November 30, 2009 /

Natalie and Sandy get married in Jamaica!

This was a special wedding for me as the bride, Natalie, is a long time friend. We are so close, in fact, that I woke up in her bed the day my son was born. She, Natalie, has also been photographed with two other women (nude apparently) in MY bed. I wouldn’t know of this except that I caught a glimpse of this photo adorning the icing on a birthday cake! My wife was present on both occasions. However these stories are in the past and doubtless hold little interest for most of you. Natalie and her true love, Alexander, were married last weekend at Good Hope in the hills outside Montego Bay, Jamaica. My wife, Melissa, was maid of honor and received a special mention from the groom for her efforts coordinating the entire affair during his speech at the reception dinner. Apparently there was some mix up with the groom’s email when he asked the wrong Simon to stand as his best man. This faux pas resulted in two Simons awkwardly tripping over one another, each thinking that he was the groom’s best mate. It did make for an entertaining best man speech though. Butterflies were the theme as they are very special to both the bride and groom. Natalie even designed her own butterfly bouquet leaving the details to those who could figure out how to pull it off. Wise decision. The Jamaican wedding was perfect and a good time was had by all.

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