December 10, 2010 /

Aerial Photo & Night Sky with Stars - Grand Cayman - Cayman Islands

Just wanted to share these amazing photos of our beautiful island of Grand Cayman.  I was photographing realtors at REMAX/Cayman Islands yesterday when Jerome, the helicopter pilot, called me to say “Come on David!  It’s very clear today.  Let’s take photos!”  What a beautiful helicopter ride!  Then, I couldn’t sleep this morning so went down to the beach behind my house and shot a series of star pictures.  This photo taken just before sunrise shows the stars and the early morning light along the South coast of Grand Cayman (South Sound).


What a great shoot!! Love the island photo!

Bor van der Weerden

Dear David,

Is their a way to purchase a copy of the aerial pciture of Grand Cayman. I used to live on the island from 2000-2005. I still have found memories of my island life despite Hurricane Ivan.

Kind regards

Check out this link to purchase Aerial Photos of Grand Cayman..

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