April 17, 2010 /

Renee & Andy's Perfect Beach Wedding - KaiCoNut - Cayman Kai - Grand Cayman Island

Well, it POURED ALL DAY until about an hour before the wedding.  I had my wipers on for most of the drive up to Cayman Kai.  Then, suddenly, the sun burst out and I had to put my shades on!  The pre-wedding drama just made the day more special.  It isn’t fair that Andy and Renee both look like supermodels AND are obviously so happy together.  But, hey, thats life!  Andy could barley hold himself together waiting for his bride.  Several DEEP breaths  (and a couple of vodka red bulls) seemed to do the trick.  I couldn’t help but smile when Renee walked down the isle to some ROCKIN’ music.  Very cool and different.  The wedding couldn’t have gone more smoothly, complete with a perfect sunset followed by some good Caymanian cooking enjoyed by just the closest friends and family on the beach in Cayman Kai.  Sweet!  For a more complete look at this wedding CLICK HERE!

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