Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort Wedding

What a transformation has taken place at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort !!  Its always been a great hotel but the new look really does lend itself to wedding pictures.  The hotel staff are enthusiastic and cheerful, the food is outstanding, the beach is gorgeous, and the decor is just WOW!  One guest at this wedding said, “of all our travels this was the best hotel experience we’ve ever had”.  Thanks to Adrianne and Houmam (the bride and groom) and to everyone at the Marriott for making me feel so welcome.grand_cayman_marriott_wedding0001 grand_cayman_marriott_wedding0002 grand_cayman_marriott_wedding0003 grand_cayman_marriott_wedding0004 grand_cayman_marriott_wedding0005 grand_cayman_marriott_wedding0006 grand_cayman_marriott_wedding00072016-10-02_0035 grand_cayman_marriott_wedding00092016-10-02_0034 grand_cayman_marriott_wedding0010 2016-10-02_0033grand_cayman_marriott_wedding0012 grand_cayman_marriott_wedding0013 grand_cayman_marriott_wedding0015 grand_cayman_marriott_wedding0016

Moon Rise over South Sound, Grand Cayman

A friend was looking for a photo of the moon rising that actually shows the detail and making the moon look really big.  So I Photo-shopped this for her.  Its a real moon rise from my back deck and the reflection is actually that of the moon.  The moon itself is a separate image dropped over the original, much smaller, overexposed moon.  Totally fake. 🙂caribbean-moon-riseb

Five and a half years… What a difference!

This may be a bit confusing.  The images show the difference in our back yard over the last 5 & 1/2 years.  The first image was taken on April 30, 2011.  The second image was made on September 17 2016. Camera position is the same for both.  In the first photo there are no plants and we had only just put in the posts that would eventually hold a bench.  Those coconut trees were grown from nuts.  The Barringtonia tree was grown from a seed as was the sea grape.  On the far right you can also see the corner of our thatch cabana.  Finally, the large white distraction in the middle of the second photo is a supporting column for our deck.  Hard to believe the difference in only five and a half years!

Surprise Engagement on South Sound Beach – Grand Cayman

Jason wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Mel, by popping the question in the surf on a Grand Cayman Beach.  He did everything right…. called me a month ahead of time to set things up, fabricated a story about taking photos for Christmas cards, and we met up in the dark for a sunrise shoot at South Sound Beach. Early morning surfers, crashing waves, and even a rainbow add to the moment.  Was she surprised?  Its hard to say for certain but she sure was pleased!  Congratulations Jason and Mel!  Don’t forget, we travel for weddings!2015-12-15_00012015-12-15_00022015-12-15_00032015-12-15_00042015-12-15_00052015-12-15_00062015-12-15_00072015-12-15_00082015-12-15_00092015-12-15_0010

Tree House Building in Canada

Every summer I vacation with my family at our cottage in Northern Ontario…. completely off the grid.  Two solar panels, four batteries, outhouse, no internet no phone.  Over the past two summers, among other things, I’ve been building a tree house… with a little help from the kids.  Next summer…. STAINING!treehouse0001treehouse0002treehouse0003treehouse0004treehouse0005treehouse0006treehouse0007treehouse0008

Katy - It’s beautiful, bro!September 7, 2015 – 5:21 pm

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